Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 20th - Weekend of Learning

How was my weekend… it is now and forevermore dubbed the weekend of learning.  Why you ask? Well let me splain it to you…
Friday was girls night…wooo wooo what a fun time! My beautiful and very talented mother let me know that Red Wine is a 0/0 (this is not the case – it is 0/1) so we had a few glasses each which lead to an overage in the carb department and I was up on Saturday morning 
Saturday was a work day at the cabin (that was what Dad wanted as a father’s day present) and then we looked up white wine and discovered it is in fact a 0/0 so had 2 glasses 
Sunday I was up again, I have discovered that my body holds onto alcohol so I need to keep it to a bare minimum! I made us pita pizza’s and for no obvious reason checked the label on the pitas and discovered that the 1/1 that I thought it was applied to the serving size of ½ a pita!!! 
So as you can see I had to straighten out some kinks and am back on track for a great week!!

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