Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back on Track!

So after the weekend...aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hehe
I am back on track! The last 2 days have been great and I am back down. Yesterday had some #2 issues and this was expected so I went to the health store and picked up some Psyllium husk capsules and some greens powder (so disgusting! - I'm going to need to find this in pill form!) We have decided not to count calories or fat but to become a bit more aware of them just for health purposes. For example instead of whip cream in our coffee we enjoy almond milk and have the cream as a treat, this feels good!

I want to take a moment to address a couple of things that are my opinion and you can take them or leave them but I feel that they need to be said. 1) People who think that they don't have to use any of their 15/6 towards fruit and veggies are INSANE!! Though you do get to eat amazing yummy and rich food on the BFC you also have to use COMMON SENSE! Hubby and I eat Spinach everyday and at least 1 fruit everyday this is important to your health! Also you can't eat 5000 calories a day and expect to lose weight! You do not need to count calories however if portion control is a big problem for you then you need to find a way to get that under control. I know that weight and health are a big struggle and often feels like a losing battle (no pun intended) but I encourage you to accept that it is a journey one that will last your entire life, learn to embrace it instead of fight and dread it and your time will be much more enjoyable!

Yours in health,



  1. The hardest for me is remembering to CHEW...I constantly inhale instead of enjoying. Your portion seems to be gone in an awful hurry if you're not careful!!

  2. Great post:) I'm excited to read your older posts too!