Friday, June 24, 2011

# 2 Problems

Hello all,

I went to my naturopath the other day and told her that I picked up some Psyllium Husk capsules to help with my bowels. She told me to be careful with this as any non food fiber products are more of a band aid and that you can become dependant on them... She suggested I take Magnesium (400-500mg) before bed and it has been working great!!

Wanted to pass this on :)

All right it’s honest day; let’s call it “get it off your chest Friday!”

I am VERY frustrated! I have been giving a HUGE effort and have yet to see any great results. I know that I have my weekend of learning which screwed me up a bit and then I had a shake made with almond milk that was NOT unsweetened (once, then I poured it and went to the store, I promise!!) So I dropped 3 pounds in the first 3 days and then bounced up and down (my weight, not my body lol) and today I am only down 1 freaking pound in total!! AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGG (sorry just had to yell it out)
Let me tell you a bit about me… I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 and this is what I am told… Lose weight and most of your symptoms will go away, sounds great right? WRONG because the other half of that statement is “Oh and the PCOS is caused by a severe insulin intolerance so you will most likely not be able to lose weight?, good luck! :) ” And the smiley face is for real, they actually smile when they tell me this, there are many profanities I would like to use but I will keep them in my head.
I am not a lazy person by any stretch of the imagination, I am training for a ½ marathon and a few mini triathlons, I did the MS Bike tour a couple weeks ago (183 KM in 2 days) and I am a personal trainer. I was very hopeful that this program would be successful for me (I’m not giving up yet!) but it is hard to stay motivated without the results. I am determined to make this week perfect (no “learning days”) and aim for some better results.
Thanks for listening to my rant and I hope you all are having a better go at this right now.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Remember to chew... :)

This one is for you Kelsey!

I grew up in a very busy home and for some reason we ate VERY fast. When I got older and was on my own people would comment on how fast I would eat. Comments like "you in a rush?" or "Nobody is gonna steal your food!" were frequently heard. Then one day a good friend and I were talking about losing weight and I had a revelation (can't believe it took me so long to figure it out!) I said to her... "You know I bet if i took my time when i ate I would feel full and would eat less!" This was much easier said than done as it was a habit engrained since childhood to inhale my food. As a way to re-train myself to eat slowly I began to count my chews (yes this is VERY weird at first!) I would chew each bite at least 10 times before I swallowed. I also made a promise to myself to put down my utensil between EVERY bite. (Yes this too was awkward) I do not still do these things however i did learn to slow down my eating and in fact am now usually one of the last people at a table to finish my food!

I hope you all enjoyed the weird world of me for the day :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Recipe from my Beautiful Mama!

Creamy Breakfast Cereal:
2 tbsp of Whip cream
1cup of cold water
1 Cup of Cheerios
Stevia to taste
Mix Whip cream, Water and Stevia and pour over Cheerios. Enjoy!!

Local Protein Products

I was at GNC last night and they carry a Whey protein that is sweetened with Stevia! The S/C value is 0/0 :)

I also found a protein bar called Supreme Protein that tastes great and the snack size is a 2/1 :)

I had a shake last night that was great here is what i put in it:

Vanilla Whey - from GNC - 1 serving
1 cup almond milk
splash of whip cream
It tasted like ice cream!!

Back on Track!

So after the weekend...aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hehe
I am back on track! The last 2 days have been great and I am back down. Yesterday had some #2 issues and this was expected so I went to the health store and picked up some Psyllium husk capsules and some greens powder (so disgusting! - I'm going to need to find this in pill form!) We have decided not to count calories or fat but to become a bit more aware of them just for health purposes. For example instead of whip cream in our coffee we enjoy almond milk and have the cream as a treat, this feels good!

I want to take a moment to address a couple of things that are my opinion and you can take them or leave them but I feel that they need to be said. 1) People who think that they don't have to use any of their 15/6 towards fruit and veggies are INSANE!! Though you do get to eat amazing yummy and rich food on the BFC you also have to use COMMON SENSE! Hubby and I eat Spinach everyday and at least 1 fruit everyday this is important to your health! Also you can't eat 5000 calories a day and expect to lose weight! You do not need to count calories however if portion control is a big problem for you then you need to find a way to get that under control. I know that weight and health are a big struggle and often feels like a losing battle (no pun intended) but I encourage you to accept that it is a journey one that will last your entire life, learn to embrace it instead of fight and dread it and your time will be much more enjoyable!

Yours in health,


Amazing 0/0 Chocolate

¼ cup of Coconut Oil
¼ cup of Coco
Stevia to taste
Whipping Cream to taste (not whipped)
Melt Coconut Oil in saucepan over low heat, whisk in coco and stevia. Then whisk in whip cream. Pour into small ice trays and freeze.

June 20th - Weekend of Learning

How was my weekend… it is now and forevermore dubbed the weekend of learning.  Why you ask? Well let me splain it to you…
Friday was girls night…wooo wooo what a fun time! My beautiful and very talented mother let me know that Red Wine is a 0/0 (this is not the case – it is 0/1) so we had a few glasses each which lead to an overage in the carb department and I was up on Saturday morning 
Saturday was a work day at the cabin (that was what Dad wanted as a father’s day present) and then we looked up white wine and discovered it is in fact a 0/0 so had 2 glasses 
Sunday I was up again, I have discovered that my body holds onto alcohol so I need to keep it to a bare minimum! I made us pita pizza’s and for no obvious reason checked the label on the pitas and discovered that the 1/1 that I thought it was applied to the serving size of ½ a pita!!! 
So as you can see I had to straighten out some kinks and am back on track for a great week!!

Sample menu June 17th 2011

Breakfast - Cottage cheese and chopped stawberries - 5/1
Snack - Cheese and 1 serving of kettle chips - 0/1
Lunch - pita chicken carbonara pizza (bacon, alfredo, chicken, provolone and brie!) and 1/2 cup of 7 grain salad (costo - i love love love this stuff!) - 2/2
Snack - salad with avocado, bacon, chopped egg, cheese and homemade dessing (lemon, oil, salt & pepper) 0/0
Dinner - turkey, cheese and spinach panini with avocado and hummus, grilled asparagus with Olive oil, garlic and salt&pepper - 1/2
Snack - brazill nuts and cheese - 0/0
Daily Total = 8/6

Blogg Relocation :)

Starting a new journey: June 17th, 2011

So 2 days ago (today is day 3 for those of you at home counting :) ) I started a new way of life!*cue suspense music*
I started eating the "Belly Fat Cure" way of life. Now I certainly do not consider myself an expert...YET hehe however with the years and years and years and ok I think you get the point of experience I have in struggling with weight and health I like to think I can catch on pretty quick and have a bit of past knowledge to pull from.
I will be chronicling my journey to the best version of me and hopefully encouraging and assisting others along the way. Please interact with me, ask questions, challenge me, and make comments otherwise its only fun for one side and I don't like to not have fun... :D
I will catch you up over the last couple days I have lost 3 pounds and hubby has lost 4 (damn him!) never thought I could feel Love, hate, and be proud of him simultaneously!
My new favorite places to shop are COSTCO, SAVE-ON-FOODS and Sweet Tweet. I will post some must have items as we go.
If you are just starting out the single most important thing I want you to try to wrap your head around (it is sooooo hard!) is forget everything you know about how to lose weight, it is bull SH**t! Forget counting calories, forget low fat, forget it all. You will simply eat amazing food and watch your sugar and carb intake (this is NOT a low carb fad, you will eat 6 serving of carbs everyday! go ahead and enjoy your bread!!!)
I look forward to chatting with you all through this fantastic journey (this sounds weird as I have yet to make my first post so you all don't exsist to me yet:) )
Yours in health,